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Composer: MAGNANT Fabienne

DZ 2181


ISBN: 978-2-89737-098-5 

Solo Guitar

8 p.


An intense and expressive flamenco program, Ibérique, by the French guitarist Fabienne Magnant, is a flamenco-inspired composition based upon the style of the Seguiriya, an intense and expressive form of flamenco. The composition which is played with a capo at fret two and has the sixth string tuned up to F, is cleverly built up in layers starting with a simple bass line, which establishes the rhythmic pattern used throughout the next dozen or so bars, followed with a relatively uncomplicated upper part being gradually introduced. Throughout the following pages, the complexity (and the tension) increases with repeated notes, strumming and rapid arpeggios and scale patterns helping to drive the music forward with the constant and incessant low B in the bass being returned to. The work concludes with sforzando sextuplet rasgueados, which release the tension before finally being followed by a pianissimo last chord. This is an interesting and exciting work to play through and in the right hands could be a nice little show piece. A good Grade 6+ player should manage all right.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


This is intended for classical or flamenco guitar and inspired by the seguiriya, which is said to represent one of the purest forms of the cante jondo. lt is marked by a serious, dramatic affect, with intricate and insistent rhythmic patterns, a narrow melodic range and a hypnotic repetition of the underlying accompaniment motif. The tightly restrained emotive content can be very powerful. This piece does capture the essence of that very moving emotion. It is most satisfying for the player and could be mesmerizing for the listener. The technical difficulties are not daunting, but the player will need to be very attentive to the intricacies of rhythm and subtle development. Ideal for the classical player who wants to play a “flamenco” piece that is deeper and goes beyond the cheaper varieties. The sixth string is tuned to F#, and a capo at the second fret is indicated.
-David Grimes (Soundboard)

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