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Méthode pratique pour la guitare, vol. 2 (CD incl.)
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Méthode pratique pour la guitare, vol. 2 (CD incl.)

Composer: BORISLOVA Nadia

DZ 719


ISBN: 2-89500-605-9


40 p.


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français / english / español / CD included (22 pieces)

This method, complete with well recorded accompanying CD, is aimed at the student who is confident in basic techniques with a good understanding of musical notation, and presents material designed to develop both. Borislova gives good advice in her introduction with useful comments on nails and practice. From here techniques are isolated in turn, beginning with right hand arpeggios - straightforward, with alternative right hand patterns and accents. Slurs follow,
strengthening different pairs of fingers in turn and Rondo, ranging from first position up to top B, puts the exercises into practice. Moving onto scales, various rhythmic patterns are employed and harmonies, ubiquitous in Borislova's work, are touched upon. At this point a selection of short compositions demonstrate techniques covered, before the text moves on to barrés, staccato, pizzicato and ornamentation, again illustrated with short compositions to highlight each particular technique. The pieces are contemporary in style and musically imaginative, requiring a minimum standard around the grade five or six mark, good knowledge of the fingerboard and attention to characterisation. I particularly liked the series of pieces Agua, each requiring a delicacy of touch in its ostinato passages, Mananitas (a popular Mexican song) and Mariposas with ornamentation and harmonies. This is a volume for the dedicated student who wishes to put mechanical training into musical practice.
Linda Kelsall-Barnett (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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