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Tres Danzas

Tres Danzas

Composer: FLETCHER Nick

DZ 1332


ISBN: 978-2-89655-231-3

Solo Guitar

16 p.


This is a solid set of three pieces for solo guitar, inspired by Latin American music, composed by an author of British origin, and dedicated to the Colombian guitarist Ricardo Cobo. The titles of the dances are: «Danza pampero«, «Danza abroholos« and «Danza diablo.« If played together, these pieces comprise a triptych form, but each dance can be performed separately. The author incorporates some rhythmic patterns from Venezuelan and Brazilian traditional music, trying to «evoke the winds of both South and North America« as he says. The musical material is presented in a traditional way, and there are some nice melodic ideas, lots of rhythmic changes, and fat notes.
Uros Dojcinovic (Soundboard Magazine)


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