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ProductsSheet Music for Guitar4 GuitarsCubana



Composer: CAMISASSA Claudio

DZ 4289


ISBN: 978-2-89852-206-2

4 guitars

16 p. + separated parts


CUBANA was composed for the guitar ensemble of the July 2020 workshop at Six Fours (France). The writing took into account different levels of the 12 trainees, spread between the 3rd and 8th year of the conservatory.
The introduction includes tapping on guitars 1 and 2. With the right hand muffling the strings, the sound is produced between the tapping notes and the head nut. If the sound is weak a guitar can double with the real notes, in pp to let the percussion of the tappings be heard.
The writing with syncopations and offbeats evokes the rhythms of popular Cuban music.

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