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NewGölcük Marşı

Gölcük Marşı

Composer: ARMAN, H.R.

Arranger: KAYA Celil Refik

DZ 4299


ISBN: 978-2-89852-216-1

Solo Guitar

8 p.


Lieutenant Colonel Halit Recep Arman was born in Istanbul in 1902. He was a prolific band conductor, composer, flutist and teacher. He was undeniably a towering figure in Turkish military music, leaving an indelible mark on Turkish military music history. His output of marches, orchestral works, and arrangements spanning various genres of Turkish music showcases his genius and dedication to the art. Arman's contributions extended beyond composition; his role as a music teacher within different branches of the Turkish military ensured that his knowledge and expertise were passed down to future generations of musicians.

Establishing the first military band and music school in Afghanistan demonstrates Arman's commitment to spreading musical education and fostering cultural exchange beyond Turkish borders. His subsequent founding of the Navy military band school further solidified his legacy, as it became a cornerstone institution for training future bandmasters and nurturing talent within the Turkish Navy.

Arman's influence on subsequent composers is evident in his innovative approach to melody, countermelody, harmony, and orchestration. His compositions set a high standard for excellence in Turkish marches, inspiring generations of musicians to push the boundaries of the genre.

Overall, Lieutenant Colonel Halit Recep Arman's impact on Turkish military music cannot be overstated. His legacy lives on not only through his compositions but also through the countless musicians he mentored and inspired throughout his career.


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