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Guitarist and composer, defined by the critic Extraordinarily talented, Paolo De Stefano begins his musical studies at the age of 11, followed first by M° Giuseppe Lanni and then by M° Fabio Pellizzari. He was subsequently admitted to the Conservatory of Milan, where he obtained the academic Diploma of 1st level, under the guidance of M° Francesco Biraghi.

In 2001 he met Luigi De Leo with whom he decided to form a duo (Duo Eterna). This great collaboration leads the two guitarists to stand out in competitions and auditions, receiving awards everywhere and culminating in a concert at Columbia College in Chicago. With Duo Eterna he released two albums (Eterna in 2009 and Ondulando in 2015) published by DotGuitar label.

He have attended courses with some of the best known international guitar players such as Lorenzo Micheli, Matteo Mela, Stefano Viola, Paolo Pegoraro, Bruno Giuffredi, Andrea Dieci, Roland Dyens, Carlo Marchione, Andrew Zohn, Richard Todd, Peter and Zoltan Katona, Sérgio & Odair Assad and Jeffrey McFadden. He also attended a course of musical interpretation with the cellist Enrico Bronzi (Trio di Parma).

He has worked for several years with the guitar ensemble Sextha Consort of Varese, with whom he recorded an album at the RSI’s studios and a monographic album dedicated to the works of Roland Dyens for guitar ensemble.

In 2014 he was invited at the Conservatoire of Milan, to give a Concert-Masterclass on «The music of Astor Piazzolla».

He attended a Doctorate Graduation in Guitar at the Conservatoire Luca Marenzio in Darfo, with M° Bruno Giuffredi, graduating in 2015 with honors.

His collaboration with Clarice Assad led him to perform in 2018 at the Russi municipal theatre (RA), together with the famous Pianist/Composer/Singer.

He writes and arrange some music for guitar, both as a solo instrument and in other ensembles.

His music is an encounter between different cultures and styles: the academic education, combined with the passion for jazz and South American music see many genres mingling in his compositions, creating a repertoire rich in nuances that connect the classical to the jazz world.

His compositions are published by Edizioni Sinfonica (Italy) and Les Productions d’OZ (Canada).

Oeuvres de l'artiste

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    Modinha - Choro
    Modinha - ChoroDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare seule5.35$ | DZ 4038
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    YamandúDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare seule11.77$ | DZ 3419
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    Modinha - Choro
    Modinha - ChoroDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - 2 guitares9.63$ | DZ 3369
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    Omaggio a Leo Brouwer
    Omaggio a Leo BrouwerDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare seule10.70$ | DZ 3322
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    IntrospezioniDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare seule13.91$ | DZ 3223
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    Come la neve
    Come la neveDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare et clarinette9.63$ | DZ 2857
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    ImprovvisoDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare seule8.56$ | DZ 2784
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    2 Nocturnes
    2 NocturnesDE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - Guitare seule5.35$ | DZ 2766
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    I Folletti (The Goblins)
    I Folletti (The Goblins)DE STEFANO PaoloAvancé - 2 guitares17.12$ | DZ 2748