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Versatility is the key word in describing the prolific musical talents of Danish composer Søren Hyldgaard (Copenhagen, b.1962). An award-winning film composer, he is comfortable in juggling the nuts-and-bolts of writing film scores in different genres and styles, from intimate romantic scores to grand, epic symphonic adventures. He also writes for the concert hall, including music for chamber ensembles, symphonies, and a variety of wind ensembles. Despite his prolific and diverse output, Søren Hyldgaard is basically self-taught in music, a fact that most likely has conveyed the composer’s liberal and versatile attitude towards the many forms of expression in contemporary music. Søren Hyldgaard’s concert works include the highly popular Symphonic Wind Orchestra (Concert Band) pieces Hans Christian Andersen Suite and the Rapsodia borealis, a trombone concerto that also goes by the title Concerto borealis for symphony orchestra. As a film composer, Hyldgaard works in both Europe and the United States. He has received and been nominated for numerous awards, and he has also written for Academy Award nominated films.

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    Cantilenae (réduction de piano)
    Cantilenae (réduction de piano)HYLDGAARD SorenAvancé - Guitare seule22.47$ | DZ 2013
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    Cantilenae (score)
    Cantilenae (score)HYLDGAARD SorenAvancé - Concerto pour guitare47.08$ | DZ 1802