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Colin McAllister engages deeply with cross-disciplinary ideas in the humanities, particularly the intersection between music and history, classics and theology. His performances as a guitarist have been hailed as “sparkling….delivered superbly” (San Francisco Chronicle) and “ravishing” (San Diego Union Tribune), and he has recorded on the Innova, Centaur, Naxos, Albany, Old King Cole, Vienna Modern Masters, Carrier and Tzadik labels. Along with the Hennessy 6, Colin also performs regularly with the Trilix Jazz Trio. He is the editor of the Cambridge Companion to Apocalyptic Literature and has two publications with Productions d’OZ: The Vanguard Guitar and Fourteenth Century Counterpoint: Music of the Chantilly CodexThe Vanguard Guitar was praised bySoundboard magazine as “a great success…not only a primer of modern techniques, but also a library of current performance practices.” His guitar instructional course, Learning to Play Guitar: Chords, Scales and Solos was produced by The Great Courses and was released in 2017. Colin is an Artist Partner with Taylor Guitars, and currently serves as Music Program Director at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

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    Fourteenth Century Counterpoint: Chantilly Codex
    Fourteenth Century Counterpoint: Chantilly CodexVARIÉSIntermédiaire - Guitare seule9.63$ | DZ 829
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    The Vanguard Guitar (CD incl.)
    The Vanguard Guitar (CD incl.)McALLISTER ColinIntermédiaire - Guitare seule25.68$ | DZ 780