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Resonant Light
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Resonant Light

Compositeur: KRUISBRINK Annette

DZ 1480


ISBN: 978-2-89655-379-2

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I’ve long been an admirer of the works of Dutch guitarist/composer Annette Kruisbrink and would rate her as amongst the finest contemporary guitar composers currently writing for the instrument. Her publications are almost exclusively published by Les Productions d’OZ, a publishing house which obviously holds her in great esteem too as to celebrate their 25th anniversary a year or so ago, they brought out a special publication devoted entirely to Kruisbrink’s compositions, a book, which if I remember correctly, I lavished great praise upon. The pieces included on this disc are excellently interpreted and performed by the Belgian guitarist Arlette Ruelens who also happens to be one half of the “Anido Guitar Duo” along with Kruisbrink herself; subsequently she is doubtless very familiar with her partner’s compositions and stylistic approach to the music and in the perfect position to present these works. A fair proportion of the programme is influenced by the music of India: there is the four-movement Raga Suite (dedicated to the performer) which uses the structures of the modes and rhythms of Indian music; then there is a beautifully atmospheric work written in memory of “Mahatma” Ghandi titled Ahimsa which translates as meaning “non-violence”; finally, the longest single item on the disc, Carnatic Interlude, a work utilising the musical idiom of Southern India. Following on from the longest piece comes the shortest one, an emotive and lyrical composition titled Tendresse its brevity in no way reflecting its importance - less is more would be a wonderful description of this super little composition, Elsewhere there is a set of variations based upon a Greek Byzantine theme; a compassionate composition taking in several mood changes all concerning the loss of a loved one; and lastly a restless energetic final track which ultimately fades away to nothing. The production is well presented with a nicely balanced and warm recording sound and attractive front cover depicting, one presumes, the “Resonant Light”s of the CD title. (If I recall, Ariette Rueiens produced the artwork for the aforementioned anniversary book, so this cover may well be one of hers - the programme notes do not say). Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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