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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitaresLessons for 1, 2 and viols (1609) [duets]

Lessons for 1, 2 and viols (1609) [duets]

Lessons for 1, 2 and viols (1609) [duets]

Compositeur: FERRABOSCO Alfonso II

Arrangeur: CALLAGHAN Robert

DZ 1681


ISBN: 978-2-89655-580-2

2 guitares

28 p.


All the music published in these two books has been transcribed into modern notation directly from a facsimile edition of Ferrabosco's 1609 book. There are 53 solos and 12 duets respectively and were originally in French Tablature, except for the final three Preludes all the piece are dances typical of the period, namely Corantos, Almains, Galliards, and Pavans. Three different tunings have been used by Callaghan, the first batch being a dropped 6th to D and a 5th to G, the second in normal tuning usually, with the odd one employing a dropped 6th to D, whilst the final set use a 3rd to F#. All these should be standard fare for guitarists nowadays and if not, they should be. As for the music itself, it is constantly moving, often interesting, and whilst Ferrabosco does not often have the melodic skills of Dowland or Robinson these are eminently useful and desirable pieces from two books that are never less than involving musically, and are fabulous for the lovers of the Renaissance. Lovely books that should be on everyone's music shelves.

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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