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Gavotte en Rondeau

Gavotte en Rondeau

Compositeur: BACH J.S.

Arrangeur: PATYKULA John

DZ 1686


ISBN: 978-2-89655-585-7

Ensemble mixte

12 p. + parties séparées


violon et 3 guitares
"This arrangement of the famous Gavotte en Rondeau from the E-major violin Partita (or the fourth lute suite) was originally done by Robert Schumann. The violin part is essentially the same as the solo version, with the three guitars adding harmonies and doubling. There is nothing especially daunting about any of the guitar parts, no lightning scale passages, no quick and thickly textured chord changes. The publication, which is in score and parts, is attractive and well thought out to avoid page turns. There are helpful but not intrusive fingerings. I would recommend this curiosity for intermediate players."

 Joseph Mayes (Soundboard)

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