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The Way of my Senses

The Way of my Senses

Compositeur: BELLAFRONTE Raffaele

DZ 1818


ISBN: 978-2-89655-717-2

Guitare et flûte

20 p. + partie séparée


The list of compositions written and arranged for the combination of flute and guitar is extensive and due to the expressive nature of both instruments this partnership hasto be one of the most successful ones with which the guitar takes up with. Raffaele Bellafronte's The Way of My Senses is an extended work covering many and varied changes of mood and character and is of an impressionistic nature. The work is in one movement and is constructed of several linked segments of varying tempi beginning with a calm, translucent Debussy-like opening which soon leads onto a more energetic part of assorted rhythmic patterns. This is the fashion throughout this work - calm sections followed by frantic ones including a hefty section with the guitar playing in tremolo throughout. After all the excitement of the previous passage there is a gorgeous tranquilo section which is probably the highlight of the composition with its charming tune and exquisite harmony. The piece finishes as it began in calm, reflective mode. Altogether this is a little gem for the Advanced duo to consider including in their repertoire and one which I look forward to hearing one day in recital. Recommended.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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