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Compositeur: SYTCHEV Mikhail

DZ 1847


ISBN: 978-2-89655-746-2

Guitare seule

4 p.


Sytchev's guitar music has come my way several times before, and it is always a pleasure. His harmonic language often uses that typically Russian' way, where, almost like some of Prokofiev's music, what is considered to be the wrong harmonies are placed on a note, to create maximum, shock effect.
This latest piece is also delightfully unexpected in much of its writing and as a true 'impromptu' should it flits around in a disarming manner, pausing here; suddenly flying speedily elsewhere and generally never stopping too long in the same musical place. It is a very engaging piece with great imagination in its writing and lovely touches that would delight an audience, when in the hands of the right player. It does use the entire fingerboard, however, and is not easy to bring off without a good deal of care and a lot of élan in the many swoops and glissandi and other humorous elements but that should not put off the moderately advanced player, as this is so much fun and a wonderful piece to get your fingers round.
Chris Dumigan


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