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Éclats de Ré

Éclats de Ré

Compositeur: BOYER Daniel

DZ 1852


ISBN: 978-2-89655-751-6

Guitare seule


Here is another work first featured in d'OZ's 2011 25th anniversary album and this one was one of the more exciting works from that excellent publication. Eclats de Ré has two parts to it: the first one a calm and restful Andante which has a nice tune floating around above some interesting chords, the spell broken briefly in a quicker mid-way interlude the main feature of which are a series of intervals in sixths. A complete change of mood and character comes with the second part to this work. Marked Vif avec humour this features rapid scales and broken intervals the mood broken once mote half-way through with a short, tranquil section. Albeit quite brief, this second part has much of interest and the attention-grabbing rhythm and catchy melodic line has much to offer. A good piece for the Intermediate player to try out and use for informal occasions. Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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