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17 Mini Sketches
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17 Mini Sketches

Compositeur: MOURAT Jean-Maurice

DZ 2103


ISBN: 978-2-89737-020-6

Guitare seule

20 p.


"These 17 short pieces are presumably aimed at the early stage guitarist - around Grades 1-3 and take the form of study-type material. They cover various common topics so a lot of the usual suspects are here: single melody-line phrasing; two-part writing; strummed chords, a few higher position excursions; various rhythms including 'swing', etc. [...] There is a melodic waltz in E major with a nice, albeit brief, interlude near the end in E minor; a fugal theme presumably based upon the Bach A minor one and rather fun to play; a jazzy little number which incorporates the 'swing' rhythm previously mentioned; and a slightly haunting one in the form of a dialogue between two voices. [...] Presentation, as always from d'OZ, is very good with clearly readable score and well fingered."
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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