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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare5 guitares et plusFantaisie sur une chanson japonaise

Fantaisie sur une chanson japonaise

Fantaisie sur une chanson japonaise

Compositeur: OGAWA Takashi

DZ 268


ISBN: 2-89500-153-7

6 guitares

24 p. + parties séparées


This Canadian publisher has certainly produced a wide variety of ensemble music for the guitar. As with the present volume all that I have seen is well printed with clear, easy to read parts.
The Fantasie sur une Chanson Japonaise is a work for six guitars divided into several sections which are joined into a single movement. The variation style of the writing never moves entirely away from the theme either rhythmically or melodically so the unity of the piece is obvious from the first.
The music is a real delight and I found that it was really enjoyed by the players who need to be around grade 4 to get the musical qualities to project.
I think that more phrase markings would have helped. In such a sensuous piece the inclusion of only one crescendo and one diminuendo mark seem to be a bit mean. From a composer's point of view it may seems obvious where the dynamics should be but I feel that players need to be shown how important they are.
Having said that, this is another work from this publisher to really enjoy.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar, 11/2000)

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