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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresValse en jazz no. 4

Valse en jazz no. 4

Valse en jazz no. 4

Compositeur: COQUERY Jean-Michel

DZ 270


ISBN: 2-89500-155-3

3 guitares

8 p. + parties séparées


This is a charming piece by the Parisian guitarist and composer Jean-Michel Coquery. The piece is only short but is full of character. The style is aptly described by the title. The key signature of two flats gives the music a lovely sonority on the guitar so don't be put off by the flats, the music is beautifully written for the instrument.
The work has delightful crossrhythms in the center-section which push forward the movement of the music. This is a work, which will encourage guitarists to develop their sense of musical line; this is especially true as all three parts require a strong sense of shape to bring the work to life.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar, 11/2000)

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