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Compositeur: OGAWA Takashi

DZ 302


ISBN: 2-89500-187-1

Guitare seule

24 p.


Takashi Ogawa has been fascinated by Westem culture since his childhood, and this certainly comes through in these compositions although occasionally there are strong hints at his lineage. These fourteen Romances are ideally suited to the intermediate student player looking for some new and interesting music to study. Each piece is highly lyrical with now and then some unexpected shifts in both harmony and melody. As the collective title would suggest, these compositions are very much in a romantic vein, and, with the exception of an unbarred 'free' passage at the start of the final piece. their structure remains well within the confines of conventionality. This is a highly enjoyable and delightful set of pieces from a talented composer. (Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar, 12/2000)

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