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Grosso modo
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Grosso modo

Compositeur: PIRIS Bernard

DZ 309


ISBN: 2-89500-194-4

Orchestre de guitares

66 p. + parties séparées


Grosso Modo is scored for three soloists of advanced standard ability , above a guitar orchestra made up of six guitars and bass of varying levels of technical difficulty from intermediate to moderately easy. A delicate, ethereal, introductory Andante gradually brings in each orchestral part before the three soloists enter individually with fragmented and imitative phrases. A sudden, forceful and energetic Presto drives this movement towards its conclusion. The focal point of this work comes with the 24-page Allegro Moderato, which has the three soloists playing in rhythmic unison almost throughout the length of the piece, above some lovely harmonies and intricately-woven rhythms from the rest of the players. The finale to this work comes with a melancholic, calm Adagio linked to a brief animated section and another calmer one, which in turn leads onto a dramatic five-page cadence from the three soloists before a brief reprise of earlier material, followed by a Coda with all the players semi - improvising before a fade out. This is a most interesting, work and one, which I hope will be taken up by guitar orchestras seeking new material. (Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar, May 2001)

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