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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresValse en jazz no 5

Valse en jazz no 5

Valse en jazz no 5

Compositeur: COQUERY Jean-Michel

DZ 401


ISBN: 2-89500-287-8

3 guitares

28 p. + parties séparées


The fast metronome mark of 63 dotted minims a minute tells you that this piece requires agile and skilful hands to negotiate it. The piece begins with the third guitar playing warm and slightly exotic chords in the 'um-ching' style, which more or less continues throughout the remaining three or four minutes of the piece. the melodic work very largely left to the first and second guitars. Their parts consist almost completely of solo work throughout, only the very occasional chord intervenlng, excert for a brief 12 bars in the middle where the second guitar 'solos' with the 'um-ching' accompaniment, The two melodic lines interweave in a warm and friendly style and providing your players can happily negotiate melodic lines up to the 12th fret, then you should have no problem with the piece. The trio has an engaging lilt to it, and should pass a pleasant if not exactly earth-shaking few minutes of anybody's time. Nicely printed as always.
(Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine, March 2002)

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