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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareMéthodesMéthode progressive, vol. 5

Méthode progressive, vol. 5

Méthode progressive, vol. 5

Compositeur: CAMISASSA Claudio

DZ 503


ISBN: 2-89500-388-2


64 p.


Ce produit n'est pas disponible en format pdf. vol. 5 (français / english / español) These progressive volumes by the Argentine Claudio Camisassa are each divided into twelve lessons, which focus on a certain key. A diverse learning resource, they contain well-known studies plus a large amount of mostly South American flavoured material by the author. Each volume opens with detailed technical exercises for both hands and, in notation, chords commonly used in the relevant keys. Volume Five covers F major, B minor, B flat major and G minor as new tonalities with additional lessons in D major and minor and A and E major. Sight-reading covers ninth position. Technical demands are inevitably somewhat higher in this volume and there is again a large choice of material, including some useful exercises in the less well known keys, although my favourites were in conventional keys - Camisassa's Valse Lente and Nocturno, around the grade 6 mark and nicely harmonised, Ornamentation, (Villanos by Sanz), tremolo, harmonics and the pentatonic scale are all usefully touched upon (.) Throughout these volumes presentation is good, fingering is appropriate and unobtrusive and they contain readily adaptable material for any developing player. Recommended. (Linda Kelsall-Barnett, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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