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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresImagerie, opus 43

Imagerie, opus 43
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Imagerie, opus 43

Compositeur: KLEYNJANS Francis

Arrangeur: KRUISBRINK Annette

DZ 514


ISBN: 2-89500-408-0

3 guitares

16 p. + parties séparées


This is up to the normal standard of presentation for this publisher. Page turns are clearly thought out and the layout of notes is exemplary. (.) Le Naildance Quartet recorded the work in what I assume was its original form; this trio version being dedicated to the Trio Dick-Hoogeveen. However, Annette Kruisbrink came to do the arrangement she has done a superb job.
The score is dated 1981 and is a Hommage à Debussy. This really is a delicious work; the sonorities are wonderful and capture the essence not only of Debussy but also the spirit of the composer. This is no mere pastiche but a beautifully crafted composition, which builds from twelve short Images.
A work that requires great clarity of execution, happily the composer's intentions are clearly indicated giving an insight into realising this lovely music. If you play in a trio the word 'essential' is the only one I can use to describe this piece.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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