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Diferencias por otra parte

Diferencias por otra parte

Compositeur: CAMISASSA Claudio

DZ 777


ISBN: 2-89500-663-6

Guitare seule

12 p.



Here is a new work by this fine Argentinean-born composer, whose music it has been a pleasure for me to come across before.
This is a set of variations on an ancient hymn quoted in mainly bare fifths at the top of the first sheet. Its stark harmonies produce a timeless opening to the piece, before the first variation, a Vidala puts one firmly into the modern era. It moves around swiftly from chord to chord and is definitely not too easy! A coda of percussion leads directly into the second variation. a Chacarera. At 152 beats-a-minute where most of the material is made up of quavers, this piece is no easy ride either. Musically it is very inventive and full of cross rhythms and clashing minor seconds. Variation 3 is a Zamba. and by now you might have realised that every variation is in the style of a different Latin American dance form, a clever and original idea. The Zamba is followed by a final Gato, which is rather more extended than its predecessors but ends rather suddenly on an altered A minor chord.
Yet again a nice print with an attractive cover and you end up with a handsome piece of quality music that would benefit a player with a more mature technique.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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