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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresPièces folkloriques norvégiennes

Pièces folkloriques norvégiennes
  • 01 Halling

  • 02 Brautlied

  • 03 Niels tellefjoren

  • 04 Solfager und ...

  • 05 Grisen

  • 06 Halling National Tanz

Pièces folkloriques norvégiennes

Compositeur: GRIEG E.

Arrangeur: CHANDONNET Jacques

DZ 83


ISBN: 2-921248-70-0

3 guitares

16 p. + parties séparées


Given the suitability of guitars for much of Grieg's piano music, very little, to my knowledge, exists in published arrangements. This selection of seven pieces from the twenty five that make up Op. 17 is therefore a welcome addition to the trio repertoire. Lovely melodies such as Brautlied, Niels Telleforen and Solfager und der Würmerkonig are typical of these delightful miniatures (most are under one minute in duration) in which Grieg, unusually, quotes directly from Norwegian folk music. The delicate scoring of the piano original is easily transferred by Chandonnet to three guitars, with the music retaining its very intimate character. This in turn makes it suitable for players of very modest ability. Highly recommended.
(Peter Rueffer, Classical Guitar)

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