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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitaresWho is Eve?

Who is Eve?

Who is Eve?

Compositeur: LONCAR Miroslav

DZ 851


ISBN: 2-89500-737-3

2 guitares

10 p. + parties séparées


After a brief introductory featuring fragmented note clusters the piece gets going in a moto perpetua fashion with fleeting scale passages underpinning a melody line which builds up gradually from short phrases (in harmonies) until both parts are played in rhythmic unison. At bar 43 an «heroic« element to the music appears, but before too long the excitement begins again with triplet-semiquavers played against a syncopated rhythm from the other part all leading into a short reprise of the opening statement of the work. The whole composition comes to a thrilling conclusion with a flurry of arpeggiated notes from both players.
Who is Eve? would make an exciting inclusion in any concert programme. The standard of difficulty is not as high as the piece actually sounds, although it is still in the upper grade area.
The presentation is excellent and separate parts are provided for each player.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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