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Les plus belles chansons du temps passé
  • Cadet Rousselle duo

  • Cadet Rousselle duo

Les plus belles chansons du temps passé

Compositeur: VARIÉS

Arrangeur: CARBAJO Roque

DZ 868


ISBN: 2-89500-754-3

Guitare et voix

28 p.


These beautiful old French songs have been taught and listened to by generations of French speaking people. Some songs like Au Clair de la Lune are very weIl known, others less so. They form the core of France's folk and art song tradition. Often the lyrics have a repetitive chorus, or a play on words and texts that are easy to adapt and add to. This simplicity gives them a special appeal to children but they also appeal to adults, as they are steeped in history and political and social comment.
Two versions of these songs are presented, one is the vocal line, text and mostly chord accompaniment, and the second is the melody arranged separately as a guitar solo, often in a different key.
The chosen keys vary making the songs suitable for medium to medium high voice. Apart from the correct pronunciation of the French lyrics the standard for the singer would begin at grade l, and rise to grade V subject to the keys used. The guitar accompaniments are harder and to give the songs a more contemporary appeal, the arranger has used more unusual chords.Therefore the standard rises from grade III to VI and above. Roque Carbajo is a skilled arranger, who understands the guitar capabilities but who occasionally likes to push the boundaries in a quest to give a new lease of life to old material.
The notation is very clear and plenty of fingerings are provided. These charming songs, often with observant and witty texts, have a unique place in the cultural background and affections of French speaking people wherever they live.
Sandra Hambleton Smith (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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