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Color sepia
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Color sepia

Compositeur: PUJOL Maximo Diego

DZ 957


ISBN: 2-89500-843-4

Guitare seule

8 p.


Dated 2005 Color Sepia is a piece that could well rival Un Dia de Noviembre in the encore hierarchy. As its name suggests there is more than a hint of nostalgia that perfumes the music. It's in D minor, Spinal Tap fans will know that Nigel Tufnel describes this as «the saddest of all the makes people weep instantly«. «Simple lines, intertwining etc.« again from Tufnel but quite accurate for Color Sepia. What could be mawkish turns out to be a simple four-bar call-and-answer phrase that segues deliciously into E major returning to D minor but with some subtle Piazzolla-flavoured figures ending with the original theme.
Some have talked disparagingly regarding the influence of Piazzolla in Maximo Diego Pujol's work but as time goes on much of the negativity is irrelevant carping that just detracts from what is lovely music. I was hooked on this piece straight away and predict that it will become a firm favourite.
Exemplary publishing standards as usual from Les Productions d'Oz.
Tim Panting (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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