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Sandy’s Portrait

Sandy’s Portrait

Compositeur: ASSAD Sergio

DO 806


ISBN: 978-2-89503-581-7 

Guitare seule

16 p.


Sandy's Portrait came into being when David Russell and Thomas Patterson invited Sergio Assad to write a composition in honour Dr. Sandford “Sandy” Bolton who had created two endowments to help the University of Arizona become a major centre for aspiring guitarists. Dr. Bolton sadly died before the piece had been premiered, but this was done at a concert given by the Assad brothers to commemorate his memory. This composition could not be a more fitting tribute to someone who had loved the guitar, the work, in three movements is virtuosic, beautifully melodic and harmonically it's absolutely delectable. The writing, as one would expect from such a composer, uses the whole palate of colours available to the performer, with sharply contrasting sections the music unfolds in a natural flow with ideas which are expanded and developed to form a coherent musical structure. The three movements, Preludio-slow and reflective, Passacaglia-reflexive and Toccata; fit together to complete a superbly written, substantial composition for the guitar, I sincerely hope that Sandy's Portrait becomes a loved and much heard work in guitar recital programmes. John Arran (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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