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A Fantastic Journey
  • Fantasy Journey

  • La Margheritina

  • Early Morning

  • Party Time

A Fantastic Journey

Compositeur: LONCAR Miroslav

DZ 2460


ISBN: 978-2-89737-377-1

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This record is an expression of my delight with the journey of composing for the guitar that I started some thirty years ago. I wrote my first composition of note as an undergraduate student at the University of Graz, Austria and after several years of absence from composing, I started writing little pieces for my students to inspire them to practice. Following the publication and the widespread success of my Studies and Pieces, I became encouraged to try my hand at the works for the concert repertoire. This album came into being thanks to my dear friend Zarko Ignjatovic, who favors my compositions and performs them at almost every concert, and who convinced me one summer evening that the time had come for me to make a record of my original works. He suggested that I invite guitarists who play my music to submit recordings for this album, and the result of that idea is here. I feel extremely lucky to have at my disposal so many wonderful musicians on two continents that wholeheartedly contributed to this project. This record features some of my best-known published works and these selections show the various directions my composing took over the years. - Miroslav Loncar

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