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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareOrchestre de guitaresLas Tres Américas

Las Tres Américas

Las Tres Américas

Compositeur: CAMISASSA Claudio

DZ 2646


ISBN: 978-2-89737-563-8 

Orchestre de guitares

32 p. + parties séparées


I - Del norte
II -  Central
III - Del sur


A “stark and aggressive” tour of the Americas by guitar musical directors the world over may weep when an orchestration of 65 players is suggested; even more so when those players have to be comfortable playing in 11/8 time, up to the 19th fret at six notes per second. If only we all had access to that sort of resource! But this piece will work acceptably as a sextet, and if there is no contra guitar for line 6, then a conventional guitar will suffice. It would be better with more than one player per line, because the top four parts have divisi writing. Starting in North America, deriving inspiration from minimalist composers and drawing on the fashion for tapping, the music continues to Central America with more syncopated rhythms, and then to the South with tango and milonga influences. The piece is not technically as challenging as many I have reviewed, but it requires players with a solid sense of rhythm and the courage to play strongly, because so many lines provide rhythmic dues to the timing in some of the harder passages that beset each part in turn.
-Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)



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