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Compositeur: MARCHELIE Erik

DZ 1011


ISBN: 978-2-89500-897-2

Guitare et alto

20 p. + partie séparée


This sonata for the delightful combination of viola and guitar was composed in 2006 and dedicated to the French conductor, Benoit Girault. The four movements are all, without exception, very melodious, easy-on-the-ear compositions. The opening movement has a «heroic« quality to it; the second one is a dreamy and atmospheric work and for me, easily the pick of the bunch; the third one is a waltz, very much in the French style; and the conclusion is an attractive finale in a milonga style. I am a great fan of Erik Marchelie and have never been disappointed in his output and am delighted to say that this piece has everything I now come to expect when I see his name on a composition. In fact Sonate for viola and guitar has to be amongst the most enjoyable ones I have heard of his to date. One could easily imagine sections of this composition being used as «film« or TV music and any high standard duos of this combination of instrumentation should seek this piece out, as it would surely be an audience pleaser in any recital. Recommended. Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine) [embed][/embed]


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