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Sinfonia in Sol Maggiore

Sinfonia in Sol Maggiore

Compositeur: CECERE Carlo

Arrangeur: BEER-DEMANDER Vincent

DZ 1168


ISBN: 978-2-89655-067-8

Orchestre à plectre

24 p. + parties séparées


This work is for two mandolins, mandola, guitar and a bass clef «Bass«. Any of the lines is playable on guitar, though of course the mandolin is tuned an octave higher, so it's not ideal to play it entirely on guitars.
Not a lot is known about Cecere, though he was alive at the time of Vivaldi and Cecere's music is not dissimilar in style. I was able to find a companion Cecere Sinfonia on YouTube that is played with ostensibly this orchestration; it is well worth viewing if this edition sounds interesting to you.
The mandolin parts are monophonic with occasional bursts of speed. The guitar part is very much written for classical guitar and stylistically is like an intermediate work by Carulli - in two or three parts, based on straightforward chord shapes in G; although having one or two counterpoint entries, it is mostly fulfilling a continuo role.
The three movements (Allegro, just 37 bars long, Larghetto, 24 bars, and Allegro Assai, 80 bars of 2/4) are over in a trice, but they are nonetheless nicely shaped, and likely to appeal to an audience not wholly familiar with classical music.
The edition comes with ample dynamics to realise a good and varied performance. There is no fingering, but all the fretted parts are mainly first position and probably comfortable to someone at Grade 5-6 standard.
The particular orchestration needed will restrict this edition to a small number of fretted orchestras, but it is rather an effective filler in a classical concert, where it would hold its own between lengthier and more taxing items.
Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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