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Carpe GuiCell
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Carpe GuiCell

Compositeur: KUHAR Nejc

DZ 1297


ISBN: 978-2-89655-196-5

Guitare et violoncelle

8 p. + partie séparée


'Nejc Kuhar belongs to the younger generation of Slovenian guitarists and composers. He studied first in his native country and then in Vienna. The pieces he has written up to this point are mostly for guitar, plus some other solo instruments and chamber works. He has also won some international competitions both as guitarist and as composer, which helped open his way to the international music scene. His prize at the Gustav Mahler contest is evidence of his music's mature quality. The title of this chamber duo piece, composed in 2006, could be taken as "seize" or "enjoy" or even "pluck" the guitar and cello. According to Kuhar's own notes, it is an intimate sarabande. The music itself does not have a complex philosophy other than to be as beautiful and intimate as those two instruments - cello and guitar - can be. The composition is in A minor, and the guitar has eight opening bars, after which the cello comes in with a sweet but simple melody. After the first part of the composition, indicated to be performed Largo con affito e intimo, there is a middle section requiring a little acceleration, followed by the ending, again of eight bars in an even slower tempo - Crave and melancholic. Like most of the other d'OZ editions, this is a nice looking publication, with a separate cello part.'

 Uros Dojcinovic  (Soundboard)

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