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Compositeur: CORTÉS Juan Manuel

DZ 131


ISBN: 2-89500-017-4

Guitare et flûte

8 p. + parties séparées


This very atmospheric and delightful composition was written in 1993 and lasts just over two minutes. It is basically an improvisatory-like melody played by the flute over a repetitive, haunting arpeggio from the guitar. This arpeggio is interrupted up by the occasional harmonic and tambour, plus a very brief guitar solo.The music looks more difficult than it actually is, the standard being around Grade 6. The suggested tempo is crotchet = 60, but if that is slightly too fast for some non-professional duos, Nuages works very well at a slower tempo. I really enjoyed playing through this piece and hope it makes it to the concert platform.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar)

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