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The Paganini Concerto (piano reduction)

The Paganini Concerto (piano reduction)

Compositeur: GOSS Stephen

DO 1323


ISBN: 978-2-89796-102-2

Concerto pour guitare

44 p. + parties séparées


The Paganini Concerto was commissioned for the Paganini Gala of the Russian National Orchestra Grand Festival. The premiere took place at the Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow, on 26th September 2014. Mikhail Pletnev conducted the Russian National Orchestra and Artyom Dervoed was the soloist. The concert was broadcast on Russia’s Kultura TV Channel.

It was Artyom who suggested that I write a concerto for guitar and orchestra in the style of Paganini, based on the Grand Sonata in A Major M.S.3. The idea of a Paganini guitar concerto really appealed to me, so I was very happy to team up with Artyom and Mikhail Pletnev on the project.

My cadenzas in movements 1 and 2 can also be used in a performance of Paganini’s original sonata, either with violin or in a solo version.

The reduction for guitar and piano can be performed on modern guitar and piano or for 19th Century guitar and fortepiano.

Stephen Goss © 2020
Partition-chef et parties séparées

Les parties séparées sont disponibles en location aux Éditions Doberman-Yppan.
La partition du chef est disponible chez l’éditeur (DO 1324).


2 flûtes
2 hautbois
2 clarinettes en La
2 bassons

2 cors en Fa
2 trompettes en Do

percussion (cymbales, un musicien – optionel)

guitare solo


durée 28’00”


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