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9 Miniatures

9 Miniatures

Compositeur: PASIECZNY Marek

DZ 1342


ISBN: 978-2-89655-241-2

Guitare seule

24 p.


1. It already turned Grey where it had sat down
2. In the field a young green limetree
3. How I moped In the field
4. Oh my mummy, you had Orly me
5. Go I will not to rake hay
6. Chaff not the oat Marry
7. I'll Take the robe, I'll Take the zhupan
8. I do not Wonder anyone
9. She dropped by the hill

By any standards Polish-born Marek Pasieczny is a remarkably talented guitarist and composer. As performer, teacher and lecturer he has travelled world-wide and is considered to be one of the most popular contemporary Polish guitarists of the younger generation.
Following in the traditions of Bartok and Lutoslawski, Pasieczny has, for the purposes of this new album, taken nine Polish folk tunes and given them a new lease of life in contemporary settings for solo guitar.
In the preface ot this book he expresses his interest in the folklore of his home country and talks about his method of approach to arrangements which basically comes down to a quotation of the original tune; the stylisation of the piece, that is the capturing of the «spirit« of the music; and finally the synthesis which, if I'm reading his words properly, with the use of dynamics and contemporary harmonies to bring the sentiment of the music into the modern age.
Not knowing any of the nine folk tunes personally I have to trust that Pasieczny has done justice to the primary source; in any event he has produced nine pieces all of which are very well written and show the arranger to be highly skilled in the art of arrangement; this is impressive music indeed, with many varied contrasts throughout.
A visit to the publisher's web site and a quick search for this book will bring forth a short video of Pasieczny performing four of these pieces in a very dramatic and compelling fashion. This is a book for the high grade player only and there is some hard work along the way to getting these to sound as they should, but it is hard work well spent.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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