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ProduitsPartitions pour autres instrumentsMandoline12 Sonates, Livre I

12 Sonates, Livre I

12 Sonates, Livre I

Compositeur: LEONE Gabriele

Arrangeur: BEER-DEMANDER Vincent

DZ 1393


ISBN: 978-2-89655-292-4

Mandoline et basse

56 p. + parties séparées


Let me make it clear straight away that this has no guitar involvement at all. The work is by an Italian mandolin player who was regarded as the most prolific writer for his instrument of his period, which was 1735-1786. This first group of six sonatas comes from a set of twelve all with three movements and all, as it turns out, happen to be great fun to play.
Actually, the entire mandolin parts are perfectly playable on the guitar without any deviation, and so, providing you knew a bass player, or a player of an instrument of a similar range, the guitarists amongst you could have a great deal of fun with this quite demanding and constantly entertaining music.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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