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Les 100 de Roland Dyens - Alba nera
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Les 100 de Roland Dyens - Alba nera

Compositeur: DYENS Roland

DZ 1950


ISBN: 978-2-89655-849-0

Guitare seule

8 p.


100 recettes de génies, ciselées de main de maître.

À découvrir absolument et à savourer en toute intimité ou en public.

Sylvain Lemay, guitariste-éditeur.


"This is another of the '100' and takes the form of a Habanera with the 5th string tuned up a tone to B, which you soon get used to. It is a very sad little piece, and at 80 bars long, a tad more extended than some of the other pieces in this humungous set. You know that with Dyens, you will get almost as much of the written word in the music as the actual notes and this latest one is no exception to that; one almost feels that you are also getting a tutorial from Dyens while you are playing it. As usual, the music does not disappoint. It is sad and emotive and although it is easier than Dyens' normal full-blown pieces, it is still not really easy in any true sense of the word but more of moderate to intermediate in difficulty. A nice addition to the ever growing set, this piece does stand alone as a concert work and can be heartily recommended as such."

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)



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