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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare4 guitaresPeau de banane

Peau de banane

Peau de banane

Compositeur: MARIE Dominique

DZ 290


ISBN: 2-89500-175-8

4 guitares

8 p. + parties séparées


Here is a quartet useful for intermediate players who enjoy a challenge. The notes are not difficult but a good sense of ensemble and careful counting is required for a successful performance. Peau de Banane is well presented and easy to read and is supplied as a score and separate parts. Guitar one takes the tune - catchy but I felt uninspiring throughout: two and three have fillin parts and guitar four takes the bass line. Various techniques are employed for humorous effects - Bartok pizzicato, glissando, a repeated chord played tutti with alternated strum and tambour strokes and an extended pizzicato section at the close. Well-judged pauses and rallentandos are required to make the overall shape coherent. This piece is fun to play - recommended for grades 2-5.
(Linda Kelsall-Barnett, Classical Guitar, 12/2000)

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