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Intermezzo e Danza mediterranea

Intermezzo e Danza mediterranea

Compositeur: IANNARELLI Simone

DZ 590


ISBN: 2-89500-476-5

Guitare seule

20 p.


(...) The opening Intermezzo is all of nine pages in length and (.) relies heavily for much of its time on a step-wise sequence of notes in semiquavers but played campanella. This is in itself reasonably tricky to do constantly throughout a piece but then on top of that one has to produce the melody line often in natural or artificial harmonics. The player of this piece has to be a complete player in every way, technically advanced and able to cope with a myriad of musical and technical difficulties. Certainly one can see that this piece played live by a player who could cope with its technicalities would create a fabulous effect as the music itself is wonderful stuff but its difficulties may put off all but the most proficient of players, so beware! The Danza Meditarranea shifts time signature constantly, so one finds 7/8,13/8,5/8,10/8,12/8, and 11/8 all on the first page and indeed in the first 14 bars. It largely consists of quaver arpeggio patterns that undulate around the fingerboard supported by othe melodic ideas that flit in and out and from treble to bass and back again. Marked Allegro Comodo, this piece is no easier than its companion to play, although again the music itself has merit.(.) (Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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