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Maya Le Roux Obradovic, guitarist and composer of Swiss nationality and Serbian descent resides in Geneva. After a graduate of the Conservatoire supérieur de Genève, she continued her studies at the "École Normale de Musique" in Paris under Albert Ponce, and obtained a higher diploma in performance. Her studies in musical interpretation were perfected under the famous Brazilian guitarist Dagoberto Linhares, Professor at the "Conservatoire de Lausanne." Her education was completed off by a science diploma as well as by courses in Philosophy and Musicology at the University of Geneva. As soon as her studies ended, she began work at Radio Suisse Romande. She went on to direct the station's classical music program "Matin Pluriel" (Espace 2) which provided her with the ideal base from which to explore the contemporary music scene. Guitarist / Soloist She has had the pleasure of performing as a soloist with orchestras such as: The London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Vivaldi's concerto for mandolin) The Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra conducted by Marc Piollet (Concierto Andaluz) for 4 guitars and orchestra by Joaquin Rodrigo with Dagoberto Linhares, Raymond Migy and Christophe Leu) The Belgrade Symphonietta Orchestra (3 Vivaldi's concertos, 2 Maya Le Roux Obradovic' concertos and 1 Aleksandar Vujic's concerto). The Youth Orchestra of Galicia (Concierto Andaluz by Joaquin Rodrigo) The Euro Méditerranée Orchestra at Paris' Opéra Comique (Maya Le Roux Obradovic' Ballade de la Vallée Magique). Maya Le Roux Obradovic has performed as a guitarist for several operas at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, for the "Barber of Seville" at the Bastille Opera in Paris as a guitar solo and also as a guitar solo for the Los Angeles I Max produced film "Ocean Oasis" with music by Alan Reeves. Maya Le Roux Obradovic Obradovic performs regularly in a guitar duo with Chistophe Leu with whom she has recorded 4 CDs and has a guitar trio with Dagoberto Linhares and Ramond Migy. The trio is often inviting percussionists to join them. A CD entitled Fandangos y Zarzuelas for guitar trio and percussions published in 2007 was very well received. COMPOSER Composing is a major activity in Maya Le Roux Obradovic Obradovic's professional life. She has composed two concertos for guitar: Her concerto Ballade de la Vallée Magique has been aired for over ten years in some twenty different countries and has had the privilege of being included in the music of George Lautner's film "Le Front de l'absurde". The Concerto Latino for guitar, string orchestra and percussions was chosen as a main piece for the Chamonix music competition and interpreted by the three prize winners in March 2006. In December 2007, Radio Beograd produced the recording and proposed a radio portrait of Maya Le Roux Obradovic to the UER, including her two concertos and a lyric pice, Ghostly Eyes. Ghostly Exes for soprano, symphonic orchestra an guitar. This aria, originally composed for a musical, Cocoa, has a double life: in the classical world and in the jazz universe. A suite for two guitars: Matin de Fête, Vision, Tarentelle burlesque. Cocoa, a musical comedy recorded by the Radio Belgrade Symphony Orchestra, the jazz big band, the mix choir and the children choir represented Serbia at the Bologna Festival. The book with CD Nick et l'Empereur de Chine, of which Maya Le Roux Obradovic is the composer of the 9 songs and coauthor of the text, was published by Albin Michel Jeunesse and read by Jean Rochefort. In December 2006, the theatre adaptation was played 20 times in Geneva, at the Les-Salons Theatre. In 2006, she wrote the music for a documentary Un été en Antarctique which opened the Paris Science Festival in September 2006. Le movie was diffused by the Ushuaia chain in December 2006 as well as by numerous European channels. Africa for percussions and brass. Maya Le Roux Obradovic has also composed music for guitar and poetry recitals: ...on Paul Eluard's poems with Philippe Luscher as narrator ...on Jacques Prévert's poems, ordered by the New York's Alliance Française for a recital with Robert Party and Annier Monnier for the remittance of the Arts Awards to Jérôme Robins. Maya Le Roux Obradovic is now composing music on the book Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in view of a tour in Norway.

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    Concerto Latino (CD incl.)
    Concerto Latino (CD incl.)LEROUX-OBRADOVIC MayaAdvanced - Concerto for guitar64.20$ | DZ 1117
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    Concerto no 2 - Ballade de la Vallée Magique (CD incl.)
    Concerto no 2 - Ballade de la Vallée Magique (CD incl.)LEROUX-OBRADOVIC MayaAdvanced - Concerto for guitar53.50$ | DZ 1148