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ProductsSheet Music for GuitarSolo GuitarSuite for Young Guitarists No. 4

Suite for Young Guitarists No. 4

Suite for Young Guitarists No. 4

Composer: KUHAR Nejc

DZ 1587


ISBN: 978-2-89655-486-7

Solo Guitar

20 p.


The Suite for Young Guitarists No. 4 is the fourth in line of my «6 Suites for Young Guitarists«. They are not meant for beginners but for players that have already achieved an intermediate level of guitar skills (that is: guitarists in primary schools and in music high-schools). Suites No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 are a bit easier (level 2), whereas Suites No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 are more difficult (level 3). One of the ideas was to offer young guitarists, who are yet unable to play harder suites or sonatas (such as Bach suites and other major sonatas for guitar), a chance to perform multiple movement pieces/suites, which are at their level of study and technique. Learning the Suites also enables them to learn some new styles of composition (rhythms, tonality-atonality, modern beauty.), but in the playable and for their musical understanding and level much more suitable way.
What is more, each movement has a name chosen from 30 famous classical composers (5 per suite), that are arranged according to their dates of birth (though, the composers have actually nothing to do with the composition of the movements). In order to make the learning more fun and of course efficient, I have provided each time just the first name and date for each composer, so that the guitarists need to find the last name on their own and write it above the line. Thus, the young guitarists in progress have the opportunity to learn about the Classical-music-greats in a game-like and fun way.
Nejc Kuhar

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