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Composer: FARÍAS Javier

DZ 1589


ISBN: 978-2-89655-488-1

4 guitars

8 p. + separated parts


This work is just 57 bars long, but don't let the small size suggest that it is not a substantial piece of writing. A large amount of the work is polyphonic to a degree not often seen in four-player music. Yes, there are bars that are monophonic, but elsewhere the texture is surprisingly thick and much of the writing requires sequences of chord changes and bursts of agility and timing that move the piece above what a quartet of Grade 8 players might find achievable. The piece is very relaxed and quite slow; it's hard to slap a label on it when the variety is so rich within such a short piece. The composer's previous offerings, listed in the foreword, show a breadth of style and orchestration that have given him the experience and confidence to make this work much more than 'just a short piece'. This particular style of writing isn't my personal cup of tea but this is one of the most accomplished examples and I've enjoyed playing through the parts.

Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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