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  • I - Allegro

  • II - Rubato e largo

  • III - Allegro, come toccata


Composer: PIRIS Bernard

DZ 1634


ISBN: 978-2-89655-533-8

Solo Guitar

20 p.

MP3 excerpts by Alexandre Bernoud


This is a most enjoyable new composition and has to be one of the best solo offerings I’ve come across in recent times. The whole work is well crafted, full of inventive ideas both melodically, harmonically, and rhythmically and from the opening few bars one’s attention is immediately grabbed and the interest never wanes for a second. Here is a man who really knows how to write for the instrument. Occasionally there is evidence (particularly in the final movement, a frantic toccata) that Piris has perhaps been influenced by the compositional style of Leo Brouwer.
Both outer movements are as one would expect, quite high-speed affairs in general, but the highlight as far as I am concerned comes with the mysterious, haunting second movement where the composer seems to have poured his heart out in a piece which could easily stand on its own merits.
Throughout the work Piris draws on and makes ample use of one of the guitar’s most natural qualities and attractive attributes, that of campanella (the ability to let one or more notes ring into another notes).
This stylish new accessible contemporary publication is very well presented here with just about the right amount of suggested fingering and it is to be hoped that Piris’ Sonate receives the attention it well deserves from recitals and recordings.
Highly recommended.
Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar


What a composition, Ive been listening these past few days, a few times already. Its very compelling writing, and I love the playing too, very commanding and unique. I honestly feel this should be up there with the Brouwer Sonata, Jose Sonata, Ginastera Sonata and when the score gets out there I won't be surprised when it becomes a favorite on revival and competition programs around the globe! Im really happy for you Bernard. Each movement really spoke to me in different ways, and I LOVE the final chord! First movement is inviting, second is hauntingly beautiful, and the final just knocks you over the head with rhythmic vitality! CONGRATULATIONS. You must keep me aware of when it is released formally so I can help promote. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Chuck Hulihan

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