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Composer: TORRISI Giuseppe

DZ 1876


ISBN: 978-2-89655-775-2

Solo Guitar

4 p.


Here is another imaginative piece by this Italian composer, whose music I have just recently come across. All of it so far is very interestingly written and slightly off-kilter so that you never quite know what to expect next, which is usually a good thing. Just glancing first at this little two-page piece, it looks very straight forward, being in two voices with a melody and an arpeggiated accompaniment figure, with sometimes the melody above, and sometimes in the middle and occasionally below. Then, however, you begin to read it through and you realise that the 'straightforward' arpeggio figure is anything but. It is very carefully placed all over the fingerboard in a considerable number of odd figurations so that holding onto the melody line and successfully placing the arpeggio with a continuous legato is quite a feat. This little piece is a very clever 'preludio' (it is subtitled as such) and is quite a workout for a moderate to advanced player who likes something a bit unusual. It is melodically very interesting too and is worthy of your time and effort. Chris Dumigan


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