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Folie en deux

Folie en deux

Composer: ANDREI Adrian

DZ 2022


ISBN: 978-2-89655-921-3

Guitar and cello

20 p. + separated part


Born in Romania in 1977 Adrian Andrei began playing the guitar at the age of 10. Graduating from the music school in Bucarest he then began studying with the legendary Alexandre Lagoya, and wrote his first guitar composition at the age of 16.
Folie en Deux was originally written in 2003 and had no less than 14 movements. In 2013 Andrei revised this rather 'grand' suite and whittled it down to a mere seven movements, which is what is presented here. All the sections are titled and are in direct contrast to each preceding movement. In order of appearance we have a slow and rnelancholic Chanson pour Anca; an upbeat and rhythmic Danse Roumaine; a stately and elegant Gaillarde. Mid-way through comes a Fantaisie which takes the form of a strong dialogue between the two instruments. The final three are: Plainte. another sombre and moody piece: a boisterous Comme une Danse; and finally a formal Valse.
There are some nice twists and turns, both melodically and harmonically throughout the set and altogether Folie en Deux would be a most agreeable item for the guitar and cello duo to consider adding to their repertoire.
The edition comes with full score and separate cello part and is ideally suitable for the Intermediate players.
Sieve Marsh

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