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A Dog from Every Town
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A Dog from Every Town

Composer: JOHANSON Bryan

DZ 2096


ISBN: 978-2-89737-013-8

Solo Guitar

8 p.


"This piece is written for a strangely tuned guitar but in such a way that you are treating the notation as if it were tab, so that you play where you would normally find the note yet actually get something else entirely. This is only a problem, if, like me, you look at the music and hear in your head what it sounds like. In normal circumstances you would hear the note you were expecting, (unless you played a wrong note, of course) but with this piece you would definitely not get the one you were looking at; so if that is a problem for you, bear it in mind. The guitar is tuned to (from 6 to 1). Db, Ab, C, F, Ab, and D and it was this almost random tuning he stumbled upon, that could be aptly described in the title as none of the strings bear any resemblance to each other. The piece itself is barred but without time Signature, as it is almost irrelevant. It is a fast-moving piece that lasts for six minutes-or-so and is largely a sequence of solo notes, with one or two very minor exceptions but even so takes some playing as it very fast and, as already explained, confusing between the eye and the ear. Nonetheless, it's a very playful piece that is plenty of fun both to hear in concert and to attempt under your fingers and as such I can recommend it for any players with the requisite amount of imagination and daring."

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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