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Après le bandonéon
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Après le bandonéon

Composer: ROUX Patrick

DZ 62


ISBN: 2-921248-49-2

Guitar, saxophone, clarinet and percussion

28 p. + separated parts


Are you looking for something different? Is today the day you are going to try a full red wine with fish or a light white with beef? Are you looking for something really different and yet really good? Well, who isn't? Fortunately, in the world of saxophone there is a bounty of variety and a seemingly endless source of top quality performers. When you combine that with all of the creativity in the world it is no surprise what someone will discover. Maybe the real surprise is one no one else thought of that before.

Such is the case for the quartet Contretemps Go. This is not your average quartet. In fact, the only thing that Contretemps Go have in common with previous saxophone quartets we have listened to is that there are four players in Contretemps Go... a most unusual group consisting of four friends who are all musicians and teachers at the conservatory... In 1994 they adopted their name from the title of one of the selections in their library. Since then the quartet has played at numerous concerts, festivals and international events, as well as being heard on CBC Radio. Their repertoire has continued to expand including a piece for the quartet and orchestra. The quartet maintains their fascination with the music of central and south America and the influence of Astor Piazzolla is ever present in their repertoire and on this CD...
...The music seems to fly by with flawless grace. But most of all the performance transcends the mechanics of the performance and dwells in the soul of music...
...The compositions are simply excellent and the performances are superb. The composers have done an excellent job with such a small ensemble. Within a few minutes the listener forgets there are only four musicians on the recording and is deluded into in time that it might be a whole orchestra. The selections are moving, intriguing, clever and above all they are music at its best.
You really have to hear this CD to believe it. It is excellent throughout and is reminiscent of many thoughts that you can't quite put your finger on, but you feel it is familiar even though you know it isn't. Certainly this CD is outstanding in all aspects of musical expression and performance. It is a unique musical experience. Hopefully the Contretemps Go will be published and other saxophonists will be able to participate in this amazing sound. Don't miss this because you will be really missing out on some great playing and great music.
(Saxophone Journal)

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