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Trois pièces de style ancien
  • Fantaisie pour mon luth

  • Danse du boiteux

  • Deux jours

Trois pièces de style ancien

Composer: KRUISBRINK Annette

DZ 756


ISBN: 2-89500-642-3

Solo Guitar

8 p.


I have enjoyed Annette Kruisbrink's work before when she has been composing in the «style ancien« and this is certainly no exception.
The first piece is Fantaisie pour Mon Luth and hearkens back to the 16th century with its scale runs and imitative part-writing. Only the odd chord now and then betrays the fact that it is a modern pastiche and not 400-or-so-years old. Turning as it does from 3 beats to 2 and back again, it subsequently moves into 6/8 time for a jig-like idea that gradually winds down to a mena mosso and a return of the opening phrase, before resting on the home key of E minor.
Danse du Boîteux is a great contrast to the former movement and although written in 5/4 is immediately very elemental sounding, with plenty of rustic charm in its bare fifths harmony and its modal melody, This is lots of fun to play and could prove popular in recitals. The final Two Days (a reference to the length of time this movement took to compose) is in two main voices beginning and ending in 4/4 but with its centre section in 3/4. It is a happy entertaining movement and provides a fitting conclusion to a fine trilogy of pieces.
This is not too difficult to play and any moderate players would not struggle too much. As for the music, it is constantly entertaining to play and to listen to; so try it with confidence.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar)



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