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Composer: KRUISBRINK Annette

DZ 760


ISBN: 2-89500-646-6

Solo Guitar

16 p.


Kruisbrink is a very prolific composer. She has not only produced numerous works for all manner of combinations of guitar but also recorded many CDs with or without the help of other performers. This latest work written in 1989 but only recently published is in her more aleatoric style and consists of a home-produced theme and numerous unnumbered variations in one continuous composition. The music, which is atonal throughout, begins on an open A and E pedal underneath a rhythmically complex theme, the main elements of which begin on a long D sharp followed by an interval of a fifth, or a fourth. Indeed these intervals occur throughout the theme first separately and then in odd combinations of notes producing numerous chordal clashes. A Poco mosso brings in the first variant and the note values get shorter and more agitated whilst the following section is an Andante in three voices where everything seems to calm down for a little while. This momentary relaxation is rudely interrupted by a Presto of semiquavers hovering around an open pedal G interspersed with sforzando six string crunches. Again the pace slackens off with a momentary Lento Rubato before Tempo I returns. A Calma subsequently arrives in artificial harmonies in triple metre which in turn changes into a Scherzando replete with rasgueados. A Tremolo section of considerable length provides a little harmonic relief from the atonal onslaught until a Vivace of fortissimo rasgueados brings about the final section, which ends on an accelerando semiquaver run down the fingerboard, a momentary pause, and a final suave pairing of notes. The music is completely without any real key for its entire duration and if that is a problem for you then this piece is not going to be one you want to look at. If however this lady's considerable compositional talents are what you are after then this piece might be right up your street. Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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